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In Progress: Custom Home, Devon Road, Oakville, Net Zero

Framing and roofing are now in progress on Devon Road part of East Oakville’s Wedgewood Park which is becoming a very popular neighbourhood. After seeing so many resales that weren’t quite what they wanted our clients approached Chatsworth to build their dream home “just as they wanted it”.

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cost to build custom home oakville
Net Zero ready homes are here – are you ready?

Cast your minds back to the ’70s, the days of Abba, Grease and Bell bottoms, the latest cars being sold with seat belts, claiming compliance to “California Motor vehicle standards”. At that time seat belts in cars and similarly crash helmets for a motorcycle rider were felt, by many, to be overweening laws restricting personal freedoms. Roll forward to the new millennium and those, now seemingly arcane, attitudes are playing out in the current debate on Building Code changes in housing. Many resistant to change bemoan the constant code updates requiring greater rigor and the accompanying continuous upgrading required for builders and professionals to keep abreast. Is this progress or some green-crazed hippy Shangrila?

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Situated on Lake Ontario in the historical “Baillie Estate”, land once owned by famous local entrepreneur Frank W Baillie. This home sports painstakingly appointed transitional décor… interior features include an indoor pool, collectors wine-room, hot tub, hockey room and full rec room with wet bar; all favourite places for gathering at parties. A heated screen porch gives way to a large terrace as one is drawn to the Lake with fabulous unobstructed views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. The professional landscaping complements the traditionally detailed crafted granite masonry exterior, stone sourced locally from Ontario quarries

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Ennisclaire, Oakville

When these clients were presented with the dilemma of renovate, move or build new they interviewed then chose the Chatsworth Team to create their new build on the lot of their existing family home. A Gren Weis design nestled into the East Oakville parklike setting with Jane Lockart interior design studio appointing the interiors. The materials for the stone façade were sourced and imported from the United States.

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Lake Promenade, Etobicoke

While for many “the cottage” conjures up visions of long drives to lazy summer fun, where lasting memories are born on boats , on water-skis and in play with Siblings, Moms, Dads, Cousins and friends but for this client their home-in-the-City had to also double as their family retreat. The “nearby” location was a must to be able to help their aging parents.

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cost to build custom home oakville

Being a first is always an honour, a notable event . Our new custom built home recently completed in Oakville is Metro’s first NET ZERO ready home under the Canadian Home Builders Association’s Net Zero  program. West of the City magazine featured the home in its latest issue. A NET ZERO home consumes far less energy than its code built counterpart, in fact this home was tested by an independent third party and verified to need a mere 40% of the energy of the same house built under the current code. Add to that the further comfort aspects of a NET ZERO home, a stringent air exchange system, a sealed shell keeping out those uncomfortable drafts and you’ll begin to appreciate what a high performance home is, besides doing your part in the climate change fight!

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“Our second floor is boiling in the summer and the basement is FREEZING!”

In the dog days of July, this often-heard lament from sleep deprived, disappointed homeowners resonates with some of our childhood experiences. Back in the day, the only solution in high summer was to go into the basement for a restful sleep, unless you were among the privileged who had AC in the 60’s and 70’s; a luxury we now take for granted. So, what can you do about it? There are a many potential sources of heat loss and heat gain affecting the comfort of your home:

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With the housing market “cooling off,” at least that’s how we perceive it after the recent pell mell increases in house prices, many are perplexed with the decision “do I m

Are you looking for luxury renovation in Oakville for your home? Do you want to update the look of one or multiple rooms? Or maybe you want to add another floor to your home, or re

The impact of climate change is redefining how we think about our homes’ energy consumption and energy efficiency features. Carbon emissions have occupied much of the public and

I’d say Building Science is the most important thing to have a good grip on in today’s high performance building space. Let me explain…. I was recently challenged when  aske

The Lion’s share of our homes find their place among Oakville’s park-like streets. Home Design in Oakville has, for years seemed to feed of its United Empire Loyalist roots. Al

In today’s blog we are talking about bathrooms. We’ll look at two categories: Bathroom planning in new homes. Bathroom renovations. We’ll start with new homes and discuss t

Oakville appears to enjoy a special place in people’s hearts, at least where real estate is concerned. The town of “Oakville” named after its abundance of oak trees has a sta