William Street Oakville

Charming rebuild in Oakville’s downtown historic district.

The owners of this beautiful Chatsworth Home located on William Street were longtime Oakville residents who wanted to stay close to downtown. Their love for Oakville and the charm of the historic district drew them into this formidable “rebuild” project on William Street.

Due to the nature of this William Street project, a number of challenges had to be overcome. Our client was keen on ensuring the home’s façade stayed true to its original character from the 1860’s. Windows were painstakingly matched to authentic architectural details from the era. While the exterior was to remain as it was in 1860, our clients were insistent that the interior be completely designed and replaced and with stunning 21st century modern finishes.

The biggest challenge for this William Street project was suspending the existing home in mid air while digging underneath to install a watertight 10ft deep basement. The historical garage (formerly a stable complete with hay loft) had to be relocated on top of the new foundation. Our experienced team is highly skilled at coming up with creative and sound solutions to overcome any challenges we face and our clients were ecstatic when their remodeled home was delivered on time and on budget.