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What does it mean to be NET ZERO?

Time for an update on our Net Zero Ready, Devon Road project another Oakville luxury home in progress. and an opportunity to talk about Net Zero building. As we have commented before Net Zero not only provides a responsible approach to saving energy and being environmentally conscious it’s simply a great way to build. It really breaks down to 1) insulate well 2) Efficient windows 3) Seal up the shell 4) super efficient HVAC 5) Solar panels ( to remove the “ready” label)

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Spray Foam Insulation – what’s the recipe?

Our Ennisclare project has passed framing inspection and is now at the insulation / drywall stage. As the exposure is South west facing on lake Ontario that means the home will be subject to prevailing winds and is more exposed to the elements. Although not NET ZERO this home will certify as Energy Star level 2. So what does that mean? Each component of the home’s energy efficiency is scrutinized to levels much higher than current code requirements. The end result is less drafts and cold spots and a healthy indoor environment! So lets look at some key points in a good spray foam job….

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Engineered to Perform

I’m old enough to recall, as an engineering student, being critiqued on line quality of drafting. Should you use an HB pencil or 2H or 2B? Did you keep your instruments clean to prevent smudges and a”dirty” drawing?

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Goodbye Plumbing noise

Rough ins are all complete and its time to do the finishing details at our Ennisclare project. Among the many items on the list is (((NOISE)))) and making sure it’s not going to be a bother. Plumbing piping is one big culprit and ensuring its done right takes care and attention….

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In Progress! Engineered to perform!

At Chatsworth we talk about High Performance Building but what does that mean for you? The phrase communicates our vision of building. This approach yields the best for you, our homeowners delivering the best value in your new home. For example, in our Modern luxury home on Doulton Dr Mississauga the home is not only built to Energy Star standards so the home exceeds code requirements by a long margin but the steel frame was modelled in a sophisticated 3D modelling software.

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KERR STREET Ministries to the Rescue!

We are grateful to live and work in our wonderful Oakville community and there’s nothing more gratifying than lending a helping hand to support our neighbours in need. Kerr Street Ministries has been there for Oakville residents who have fallen on hard times. Particularly during these difficult times many have found the need to reach out for some help! When we feel our community has done so much to support us at Chatsworth, giving back feels right. And now is the right time to give as Kerr Street has had to step up their game to meet the increased challenges. See how their distribution has increased in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis.

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Is humidity control the secret to building a healthy home?

In our last blog we touched on Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ) and how we optimize the indoor environment for your family’s health. Starting with NET ZERO specification we seal the house tightly, then to be a truly HIGH PERFORMANCE home we ensure that despite the bone dry outside winter air, the indoor humidity is set for maximum health benefits!

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Breathe Easy in a Healthy Home!

In our cooler Canadian climate we spend a great deal of time indoors. The INDOOR AIR PLUS program by the EPA helps families BREATHE EASY. As we all become increasingly aware of the benefits of a HEALTHY indoor environment, how we build homes and the products and systems we use, need careful consideration. So what is a healthy home? We’ll share some of the steps we take, striving to build homes, inspired by this EPA program with a better indoor environment for your family’s health! The Lakeshore West project is a registered NET ZERO Ready home and also built under the Energy Star Program, both labels guaranteeing energy efficiency and third party verified quality!

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For many years Chatsworth Fine Homes has sponsored the Kerr Street Golf Classic. This years tourney was held on September 26th, 2022, at Piper’s Health Golf Club. Although the we

Building a luxury home in Oakville from scratch or choosing to remodel an existing home. Both options allow you to achieve the home of your dreams, but how do you decide which path

There’s an old saying “home is where the heart is” and the kitchen is surely the heart of the home. It’s for many, the most used room in the house. The available options of