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Dennis and Karen Freeman

We feel really fortunate to have Chatsworth working on our project…We know that when you guys do it, it gets done right!

Vanessa and Mark

It was such a pleasure working with Chatsworth Fine Homes. The level of professionalism is apparent in the entire team and all the trades that they contract. The budget process was clear and straightforward and the office works hard to ensure it runs smoothly. The on site management was equally as efficient and we felt we had the dream team!

It can be a daunting task to take on a renovation of our scope and the Chatsworth team made it feel easy... we really enjoyed working with everyone and always knew our best interest was in mind. The finished product is beyond what we imagined and we hope to enjoy another 20 years in our home. Thank you all.

Peter Reed

Not only did you complete within our tight deadlines, but you also managed to stay within our budgeted costs while delivering excellent work.

Hugo Powell

I can recommend Chatsworth with enthusiasm, based on my several years of experiences with them. They have the experience of delivering value on modest projects as well as managing the unusual complexities or very large projects.

Dr. Gerry Morelli

I am delighted to provide my wholehearted endorsement of Chatsworth. It has been a pleasure from start to finish working with the Chatsworth crew to turn my ideas into a home. It was a learning experience as Chatsworth took me through the steps of first rate house construction with Fil explaining the ins and outs of what should be done and what not. I cannot say enough of what a worry free experience it has been. Total professionalism on the part of Chatsworth. The only thing I am sorry about is that it is coming to an end.

Margot Stevens

Chatsworth managed our project with clarity, accountability, and incredible attention to detail. No question was ever left unanswered, and a workable solution was found for every problem. Chatsworth’s own high standards meant that the bar was lifted on every component of the project. I would recommend Chatsworth to anyone who values integrity and quality.

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Dave Fox

The Oakville Golf Club is currently working on a considerable renovation of our clubhouse. Working as our project and construction manager the team at Chatsworth Fine Homes. I have been very impressed with their work and knowledge throughout this project. They have provided timely reports, enlightened the club about various cost saving alternatives and have worked extremely well on our behalf with the many trades. I would strongly recommend the team at Chatsworth for other projects they are being considered for.

Bruce Ingram

I can attest to and have valued Chatsworth’s honesty, frankness, with superior construction and financial knowledge, they have skills here which far surpass the “Low Ball” estimator.

Frank Clegg

Thanks very much, the level of comprehension you have brought to the project has improved our ability to make informed decisions.

Peter Reed

Not only did you complete within our tight deadlines, but you also managed to stay within our budgeted costs while delivering excellent work.

Dr. Mark & Kathy Ceroni

Thanks for all your help throughout this process. You have been an enormous help and you’ve built us a great house.

David and Carol Miller

Their work exceeded our expectations and we are delighted with the construction.

Rashmi Khosla, P.Eng

Chatsworth has surpassed our expectations to date on what will by far be the biggest project we will ever undertake. Fil, Nick and the entire team at Chatsworth are very personable, extremely organized, very conscious of project costs and committed to delivering the highest quality. Their expertise, professionalism and pride in their work is evident at every stage of the project to ensure that the final product is no less than perfect. Prior to engaging Chatsworth, we had a lot of questions and worries after having heard of construction projects gone wrong, over budget and never on time. We have been fortunate enough not to be part of that statistic. We are thrilled with the progress of our house so far and cannot wait to see it finished.

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