Kerr Street Golf Classic 2022

For many years Chatsworth Fine Homes has sponsored the Kerr Street Golf Classic. This years tourney was held on September 26th, 2022, at Piper’s Health Golf Club. Although the weather was cool and breezy spirits were high and all the golfers enjoyed lots of fun and friendship while raising money for a great cause in our local community. The tournament raises funds to support families in need and help improve their present situation while giving them hope for a better future.

Mackenzy Kropa, Fil Capuano, Jeff Park and Brad Miller teamed up , despite valiant efforts didn’t clinch the trophy !

Known for professionalism and outstanding craftsmanship in building luxury and net-zero homes, the team at Chatsworth Fine Homes loves to give back to the community as one of the top sponsors of the event. Indeed, we are thrilled to partner with an organization that has given and done so much good for our community over the past two decades.

Did you know over 18,000 people in the Oakville community live below the Low Income Cut Off and need practical assistance? For over 20 years, Kerr Street Mission (KSM) has been offering essential services and programs for families, especially children. Indeed, KSM has become a gathering place and hub for essential care for the community providing various programs such as after-school care, food market, youth programs, community meals, and more.

Jane Lockhart TV Interior designer and her team joined Chatsworth and generously contributed a colour consult in the auction!

As Oakville’s beacon of love and compassion, KSM continues to develop innovative programs while seeking partnerships to provide essential care and support for vulnerable and at-risk families, individuals, and children. This organization aims to provide continued support for those struggling and in need and improve their overall well-being.

About Kerr Street Classic

The Kerr Street Golf Classic is one of KSM’s top highlights of the year. With tremendous support from the community, 2021 saw another successful event. Over the last couple of years, KSM has channelled the cash raised toward its Choose Fresh Program, which is part of KSM’s food services.

In fact, they do such a good job at helping immigrant families coming to Oakville while opening numerous opportunities for children and others to learn how to manage their resources. It’s also an opportunity for the community to eat properly. According to most golfers who participated in the Kerr Street Classic golf tournament in 2021, they were thrilled to be part of an event that would help build KSM’s capacity to respond to the increasing need for humanitarian assistance and make a difference.

How you can help

In a joint effort to break and end the poverty cycle, Kerr Street Mission is actively involved in helping families and children in need. Your financial support in any way large or small can rally make a difference in someone’s life!