West Oakville Lakefront

Minimalist, Organic Lakefront Home: Serene Design Meets Modern Sustainability

This client desired a minimalist, organic, modern design with large windows and somewhat open concept. Simple organic finishes, such as wood grains grace the interior punctuated with lime washed walls and earthy stone and metal notes. Glass stairs seem to float in front of the curtain wall facade communicating between each level. Shoshugiban, Japanese burned cedar, clads large swaths of the exterior, contrasted by the simple, almost stark, dark metal panels and large expanses of glass. The layout, primarily designed as a private home has yielded in discrete areas to not only home office spaces but future uses in the client’s personal charitable work. Hence, there are hints that this may function as a quasi public space at some future time.

The lap pool, whirlpool, massage room and gym provide a rejuvenating spa experience. Connected technology not only creates an immersive and seamless multi media experience but also enables specialized lighting to ebb and flow with circadian rhythms. 

Although partially full NET ZERO, this home reaches even higher. Heat pumps with oversized MERV 14 filters for superfine air filtration, and a living green wall. Hidden atop the roof 17kw of solar, backed up by Tesla walls.


The client’s vision for this secluded Lakefront lot, accessed only via a private lane and enclosed by mature trees could be summed up as “retreat” . The reflecting pond, trickling water over a stone textured wall hints at zen vibes. Contemplative organic earth tone spaces encountered throughout the garden suggest solitude and reflection. Retaining concrete walls will give way to creeping vines as time unfolds.

Soft earth toned wood stains contrast clean neutrals evoke a clean holistic interior. Large windows become invisible and invite the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding trees. Those uninterrupted spectacular lake views were achieved by deleting great flanks of structure in favour of glass. Designers stepped up to carefully engineer and accommodate the large open glass expanses. Ornilux glass, used on the lake façade is detectable to birds and reduces fatal bird and window collisions. Although the home exudes a zen atmosphere, roaring under the “hood” in the lower mechanical rooms a central Av rack, heat pumps, Tesla walls and an intricate maze of piping is in a balanced dance, as servants to the home maximizing the home’s comfort and well being while realizing significant energy savings.