Frequently Asked Questions

Building a premium, custom home from scratch is no small feat. For almost 40 years we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge on the fine details of premium home construction, and how to best build for our knowledgeable and sophisticated clients.

Here are a number of questions we are typically asked at the start of each project. We hope you will find answers to a few of your own questions. If not, please give us a call, we are always happy to have a conversation.

What is the investment needed to build a Chatsworth Home?

An initial discovery session will allow us to understand your goals so we can develop a “broad brush” budget as a starting point. It is important to note that pricing will vary considerably depending on your specific requirements. Cost is greatly influenced by many factors, and early-stage planning allows us to identify if you are on the right financial track. Book a no-obligation meeting with us to find out more about how far your budget will take you.

Does Chatsworth keep to the budget?

One of the common threads that may surprise you in our customer testimonials is the ability to deliver your project on budget. We have a refined process and keep a keen eye on every line item and track it to the baseline. A biweekly review means you are kept up to date on all costs on a regular basis. No surprises!

How does Chatsworth maintain their competitive edge?

It starts with being engaged early in the process. This enables us to review the drawings and make design suggestions to improve your home’s design and make it even more cost effective. We maintain relationships with a select group of trades and suppliers canvassing the market constantly to ensure a competitive edge. Delivering exactly what our clients ask for with careful attention to the budget takes constant scrutiny. A well thought out budget composed early in the process means great value for your pocketbook. Read through the feedback from our many delighted clients, and you will see the value and integrity we bring to our projects.

How long will the build take?

Depending on the complexity anywhere from 10 months for a 3,000 square foot simpler build to 18 months for a 7,500 square foot home. Some larger, more complex home building projects can stretch up to 24 months. We work with you to determine the full scope of your build, noting all of the special features, and then craft a researched and well thought out timeline with you.

Is the architectural or interior design done in-house at Chatsworth?

Having the right design is an essential part of a successful build. We will introduce you to our recommended architectural and design partners who are also experts in their field. After a meet and greet with them and review of their portfolio you’ll soon be working with the designer and feel comfortable moving ahead with the design of your dream home. We concentrate our focus on building a great home for you, and doing that with excellence!

Can you help with purchasing a building lot?

After our discovery session we will have insight into your goals, the size of home you want, and neighbourhoods that may be of interest. We will then refer you to the right local realtor, who understands the nuances of your target area, and will stay engaged with you to make suggestions and recommendations on any lots you may find interesting. The right agent to help in your search is hugely beneficial, along with Chatsworth helping with your search and involved from the very beginning you’re sure to be successful!

Does Chatsworth know much about green building?

We absolutely do and that knowledge has earned us credit as GTA’s first Net Zero custom home builder. High-performance, sustainable building practices have been at the core of our firm for many years. Green building is seen by some as a fad but green building techniques actually yield the most healthy, comfortable, resilient, and energy efficient homes. We are socially and environmentally conscious and know that our clients also value green building practices, so it is imperative to our business to incorporate the most advanced and efficient technologies available. You can learn more on our High Performance Building page.

How does the Chatsworth warranty work?

While mandatory provincial Tarion and building code standards are required in a new build, our warranty often goes above and beyond. After we understand your goals, we ensure these goals are translated into scope of work and products and standards that exceed minimum code requirements and carry warranties accordingly. We discuss the specifics of your warranty in our discovery meeting. We will also discuss our Home Cover Rest assured extended warranty. Book your discovery meeting today.

Why build with Chatsworth?

Having a real expert at the helm, a well-established and experienced firm to take care of your life’s most important investment is the plain and simple answer. Our clients love working with a team that will not only deliver a fabulous luxury home at the right price but make this an enjoyable experience! One client said it best, “Our friends seemed disappointed that we weren’t falling out with our builder. On the contrary it was such an enjoyable process we’d do it again in a heart-beat.”


Our client on Ennisclare Drive, Oakville hit at the heart of our company more than anything, and her comments are so gratifying. “You want someone who is building your home like it's their own home… At Chatsworth they do that!”

Review our whole site, our work, our client stories, and then book a meeting with us. We’d love to work with you to bring your vision to life.