Every home we build proudly bears the Chatsworth name, bringing assurance that great attention to detail has been paid at every stage of construction. Our process ensures that your home is delivered exactly as you envision, on time and on budget.

Our commitment to professionalism and excellence starts with a dedication to our clients’ needs through every step of their unique construction journey, so we deliver a gorgeous, soundly-built custom home while making the experience satisfying, enjoyable and fun.


From idea to inception, a Chatsworth Fine Home starts with you. We will carefully listen and efficiently walk through your vision, must-haves and goals, and identify any potential roadblocks so we can continue collaboratively into the next phases of your build. We will also develop a “broad brush” budget as a starting point.

Construction Agreement

Once the preliminary budget details have been carefully considered and decided upon, a construction agreement will outline the full scope of work, scheduling, allowances and target budgets, payment schedule, and warranty details.


Industry experience, an accounting eye, and sound pricing structures allow us to precisely determine the budget for your new premium home. As we move through design and into construction, our detailed and transparent reports keep account of every dollar spent. You can rest easy knowing that at any point in the project you have a snapshot of where the budget and finances stand.


We work closely with both project architect and interior designer to bring your vision to life. Here’s where we roll up our sleeves, and through an iterative process ensure that all boxes on the wish list are ticked within the agreed budget. We work to incorporate sustainable technologies and advanced building science practices into the design of your premium custom build without compromising your home’s aesthetic.

Final Budgeting and Refining

After the design process is complete, and while the permit application is in process, we continue to review and refine details of your home and its budget and make any adjustments. This is your dream home, we want to be sure we have included everything. We always plan for a final review, because there are often things that , after some reflection need to be added or adjusted.

The Build

As we move through the phases of construction we look forward to meeting with you regularly to go through developments, challenges, adjustments, etc., ensuring your home is built to your exact specifications. These bi-weekly meetings ensure that you are firmly “in the picture” with your project’s progress and costs.


After combing through the fine details, making sure everything in your home is just so and the final white glove cleaning is complete, only then will we present you with your new Chatsworth Fine Home, along with your final client package that will include drawings, documents, payment receipts, and your sign-off. We will also review your warranty and inclusions, and ensure you are fully comfortable with the mechanical and technological systems in your new home and the nuances of required maintenance and seasonal adjustments.


We will be in regular contact with you during your entire warranty phase, and for most clients, beyond that into the future! Regular warranty visits are part of our ongoing care to ensure everything is working properly, but in any case we are always just a phone call away if any additional needs arise.

Each stage of our process is delivered with a white-glove approach and includes detailed planning, a tightly followed process, and decades of experience, bringing you an incredibly unique and soundly built home you will love for years to come.

Are you ready to build your family dream home?

In homage to the stately, olde world crafted “Chatsworth House”, Chatsworth Fine Homes was born. England’s Chatsworth House has secured its legacy in the Cavendish family for 16 generations. It is visited by thousands each year who admire its architecture, beauty and treasured artwork. Our team at Chatsworth finds inspiration in the beauty and artistry of this great house and we are proud to bear its name.