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We’re excited to announce our article in West of the City!!

Building fine Luxury Custom homes is a trademark for Chatsworth and when West of the City magazine asked to feature our new Net Zero home that’s still in progress in West Oakville we were thrilled. Check out the March issue of West of the City magazine featuring a glimpse of some of our signature projects already completed.

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Luxury Oakville Home: Dalewood Modern Farmhouse

A complete New Modern farm house build was the answer for our clients as they considered changes to their existing family Home, possibly renovate or build new. Metal roofing tops the home along with structural steel awning frames lending an industrial feel. Extra large windows create views of the adjacent woodlands, from almost every room!!

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Luxury Homes Oakville: French Country House

This chateau farmhouse, reminisces of holidays in France. The wish list included a french “Old world” feel; secure family retreat; a long lasting resilient construction, all with a shabby chic décor. An off white colour scheme, tall ceilings and spacious volumes are used to create a flowing, airy feeling. The monochromatic neutral colours and large wall spaces will serve as home for the client’s artwork providing accent and interest.

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Celebrating 40 years of business and past Bild awards!

Its 2019 and we are excited to commemorate our 40th year in business! We’re looking back on past years and celebrating some of the successes we’ve enjoyed and want to share them with you. In 2015 we garnered the Custom Home of the year award for a super energy efficient Oakville custom home. Our president, Fil Capuano had just got back into action after a short stint in the hospital so it was a real “WELCOME BACK” for him to go in person to receive “Custom Home of the Year Award 2015”.

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Bild awards 2019 are here !!!!

Chatsworth Fine Homes is nominated for two separate projects in the home show which signals spring is around the corner. One home is a modern farmhouse in East Oakville, the other a large french country house in Mississauga.

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NET ZERO measures up!

Building knowledge testing

It’s a while since we blogged about our Net Zero projects, so an update is likely in order! Our project on Westdale Road in Oakville is enjoying good progress. Currently in framing stages, it’s the first home to be registered in Oakville in the National Research Canada’s  Net Zero Ready program. At the risk of re-plowing old ground the Net Zero program is what is now recognized as the gold standard in comfort and energy efficiency.  Mike Holmes, in a National Post article called Net Zero

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Net Zero Homes, Oakville March 2018 update

As we rolled out our NET Zero Oakville , Net Zero Burlington and Net Zero Mississauga pilot programs, Net Zero as a method of building has been greeted with great enthusiasm. Our President Fil Capuano has been invited to workshop with local Oakville and Burlignton realtors interested in code changes and the Net Zero program. With one house in progress using NET ZERO Oakville standards (actual labelling anticipated in future) and another project in foundation phase , the first Net Zero Oakville home underway, targeted for completion and labelling mid 2019. A further project is in design  contemplating a late summer start as another NET ZERO Oakville home. Read more Net Zero Oakville Developments below….

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Net Zero….sharing the training in Oakville

We couldn’t wait to share our latest news on NET ZERO custom homes in Oakville even though we just posted on it a few days ago. See Yesterday we met with the folks at Goodale Miller team to discuss and share latest developments in building code changes and  recent updates in our commitment to high performance building. We spent a couple of hours discussing how tight, well insulated building envelopes, high efficiency heat pumps,  and carefully selected windows not only save money but create a more comfortable and healthy interior  environment.

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CHATSWORTH announces nomination for BILD 2018 AWARDS

We want to say THANK YOU to ALL our valued Trades, Suppliers and Partners ……Its easy for us to talk in our own advertising about our skills and the talents of our people but when we are nominated for an AWARD by a widely recognized INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION like BILD it is very gratifying. Just making it to the short list of the FINAL 3 is an achievement so we want to say thanks to the great team of trades and suppliers for all the support, needless to say without you we couldn’t even think about being here…. Waiting for the final awards Mar 9 2018!

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