New Homes Oakville

Home is where the heart is, so why not customize it to accommodate your heart’s desire? One can personalize their home through interior design and add-ons, but Chatsworth Fine Homes, a renowned custom builder of new homes in Oakville, offers the power to be in total quality control. It does require a lot of work, but the benefits are very gratifying, and can last for a lifetime. A home with the Chatsworth name carries with it the assurance that our team of seasoned professionals have paid great attention to detail , and the high quality results will speak for themselves. We ensure that all of our homes measure up to our quality expectations by maintaining a high level of excellence, labouring with the best artisans, and not accepting results that are below standards. Read on for more information about new homes in Oakville from Chatsworth Fine Homes.

Reasons why you should choose Chatsworth Fine Homes for your house build: 

You’re in control of the building products:

What goes into the construction of your home is up to you, whether you choose environmentally-friendly building supplies or only the finest metals, wood and other materials. We will work with you to make sure we are meeting your expectations for the quality of materials you have chosen, and only materials that we have professionally recommended. Chatsworth will work within your set budget to bring you high quality results.

Ability to plan for the future:

Want to make sure your home is going to be stylish, energy-efficient? Want your home to have the best ROI possible? Work with Chatsworth Fine Homes to assure all of the above.

Tailor your home to your personal standards:

One can customize the features of their vehicle, but imagine if we could customize the entire design of our cars? Cars are a big investment, but not as big an investment as a home, so it is an amazing advantage to be able to build on your own lot and customize every feature. Building custom new homes in Oakville is a specialty of Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will ensure a place for all of your building ideas, and infuse those ideas with our professional recommendations and suggestions.

Break from the mold:

In the past century, many homes have been stamped out as convenient, one-size-fits-all dwellings. It’s time to revisit tradition! Building a custom home means you are involved in the authenticity and distinctiveness of the place you love the most. As an owner of a custom home, you can be proud of the home you’ve accomplished. A New home s in Oakville does not have to look like every other house. You have the freedom of designing a home that is completely unique.!


Many people either learn to deal with, or sacrifice functionality by purchasing a traditionally pre-constructed home. With custom home building, you’re a part of each process, starting with the floor plan and ending with products and features, you’ve selected and personalized. You’ll also have experts from Chatsworth Fine Homes by your side during each step.

Building new homes in Oakville for our clients is something that we take great pride in at Chatsworth Fine Homes. Many of our clients are the doers of the world forging ahead and creating their story as they globe trot or as they find themselves in their work-a-day world closer to home. Wherever they are we are proud to be a part of our clients’ stories, providing them not only with a home that is a restorative haven to relax and recharge with their loved ones but a legacy and store of wealth for their family’s future.

For more information about custom new homes in Oakville, please feel free to continue browsing through our website at Chatsworth Fine Homes. Click here to find our contact numbers and to fill out our contact form.