Custom Homes Burlington

One of the first decisions a homebuyer needs to make is whether to opt for existing housing or new construction. First off, many neighbourhoods featuring brand new homes are established. They are master-planned with amenities and incentives. Secondly, the fact remains that with new construction, you have the option for customization, and there are many, many benefits in choosing to buy a custom built home. Chatsworth Fine Homes has been building custom homes in Burlington and the surrounding areas for a long time, and we know what it means to provide clients with world class customer service and high quality results! Read on for more information about custom homes in Burlington by Chatsworth Fine Homes.


If you’re shopping for a custom home in Burlington, existing homes might not reflect the style of home you want. A specific area might have developments that have, for instance, transitional style homes while you’re seeking out a classic colonial style house. It may be hard to find a development or existing community that offers the style of home you want. Why settle for lines and aesthetic features outside of your tastes if you don’t have to?

Fully Custom:

It seems obvious, but building a custom home in Burlington is just that, custom! A custom home tailored to your tastes, requirements and wishes, and once it’s done, it’s just the way you want it. Odds are, if you buy an existing home, there are at least a few things you’ll want to change. With custom homes this isn’t the case. It’s built from the ground up just for you. There is a lot of value in that.


Buying a home that was built even a year ago means that you don’t know exactly what materials were used. When Chatsworth builds a custom home in Burlington for you, you have a relationship with your builder. You know what type of materials are being use. You choose what sort of flooring you want. You choose what type of roof goes on your house. You choose the most energy efficient and visually pleasing windows. From your kitchen countertops to the siding on your home, you know what your house is made of.

Lawn & Landscaping:

When you build a custom home, you also have the opportunity to customize your landscaping. You can customize your landscaping with an irrigation system, custom plan the landscaping and hardscaping, and design your own outdoor spaces. Realtors suggest that landscaping, done properly, can increase your home’s value by as much as 20%. It can be the icing on the cake of your custom built project!

If you are looking for a professional and reputable company that specializes in building custom homes in Burlington, and the surrounding area, then Chatsworth Fine Homes wants to work with you! Your home is as unique as your personality. At the heart of it, your home is an expression of who you are…and as such, every Chatsworth build is a sacred trust.

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