Duct sealing pays dividends again

We’ve talked about sealing  ducts in previous articles, if you missed it what you need to know is that besides being a code requirement its another step up in making your home comfortable. In our recent Mississauga custom home build we brought in Aeroseal to seal the ducts . If you look closely at the illustration you’ll see how much improvement proper duct sealing achieves 36% increase in efficiency.

The sealing starts right at the furnace

Back in the day air conditioning was an option when buying a car. Now its just standard. Over the past years Chatsworth has built custom homes in Mississauga and Oakville and completed many renovations and additions in Mississauga , Oakville and Burlington. Much of this technology just wasn’t available back then but now, just like AC, duct sealing can be applied to all these new homes , additions and renovations and has become expected in better performing houses!