In Progress! Engineered to perform!

At Chatsworth we talk about High Performance Building but what does that mean for you? The phrase communicates our vision of building. This approach yields the best for you, our homeowners delivering the best value in your new home. For example, in our Modern luxury home on Doulton Dr Mississauga the home is not only built to Energy Star standards so the home exceeds code requirements by a long margin but the steel frame was modelled in a sophisticated 3D modelling software.

This 3D engineering enables the fabricators to find any problems ahead of time by looking into the details of the structure. That saves wasted time on the job when erection is part of our critical path schedule.

This also enables coordination between different trades such as the concrete plank supplier and the steel fabricator. The result is a well executed job saving time and money!

This is just one of many ways we build to a High performance standard, using Energy Star / Net Zero/ Net Zero Ready or Passiv house along with the many tools in our arsenal to raise the bar, tailored to each homeowners needs and individual project requirements.

Keep a look out for this project and other in progress projects as we shoot drone views to record the progress or contact us to learn more or discuss your new build or learn more about NET ZERO Building.