Goodbye Plumbing noise

Rough ins are all complete and its time to do the finishing details at our Ennisclare project. Among the many items on the list is (((NOISE)))) and making sure it’s not going to be a bother. Plumbing piping is one big culprit and ensuring its done right takes care and attention….

In 2019 Car and Driver magazine confirmed the Audi A8 as the quietest ride providing, in their words, “a noise-free, relaxing commute”. The expectations for a luxury home are similar to those of a luxury car ….

Imagine, it’s Saturday morning and you’re looking forward to a a leisurely coffee in the family room and some peace and quiet to catch up on reading or simply relax and have a mental health break. Recalling your starter home, where the weekend’s quietness would regularly be interrupted by a shower “rattling “ in the bathroom above, hearing the gurgling of drain pipes and water pipe vibrations. Yes, just like a luxury car noises need to be dampened in a luxury home so as not to spoil the precious moments of quietness and calm.

Insulated hangers are a must

Oversized holes to accommodate insulation

Isolation clips keep the supply piping free from the framing

Once roughed in, beside our NET ZERO inspections, the whole plumbing system is inspected by the Chatsworth team and has to meet our rigorous standards. Depending on which rooms the pipes go through further noise stop products are applied so that unwelcome plumbing noises are drastically reduced.

At  one time, we would ask our clients. “ Do you want quieter plumbing in your new home?” but as the feedback from our homeowners has been so overwhelmingly positive we simply do Quiet Plumbing as a standard feature. To be a Chatsworth plumber means paying careful attention to piping installation, isolation and insulation.

Heavy mass loaded vinyl applied to special places where noise separation is important

Piping has to be clear of framing members

To dive a little deeper, all our plumbing has to be attached to the house framing with isolation clips. Anywhere the pipes have to touch or go close to the wood framing has to be isolated with special sound proof insulating material. Once the rough in has passed the Town’s inspection and our own inspection, all the piping is then insulated with special heavy wall insulation. All stud and joist spaces that contain piping are insulated. Our Quiet Plumbing system coupled with other sound proofing features throughout the home makes your home quiet and comfortable. A Chatsworth Home really does more and this is just one of the features of our High Performance homes!