KERR STREET Ministries to the Rescue!

We are grateful to live and work in our wonderful Oakville community and there’s nothing more gratifying than lending a helping hand to support our neighbours in need.

Kerr Street Ministries has been there for Oakville residents who have fallen on hard times. Particularly during these difficult times many have found the need to reach out for some help! When we feel our community has done so much to support us at Chatsworth, giving back feels right. And now is the right time to give as Kerr Street has had to step up their game to meet the increased challenges.

See how their distribution has increased in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis.


Our enduring partnership with Kerr Street Ministries stands as a testament to Chatsworth’s commitment to community engagement and philanthropy. Over the years, this collaboration has been characterized not only by meaningful contributions but also by shared moments of joy and camaraderie. Chatsworth is more than a donor; we consider ourselves a genuine member of the Kerr Street Ministries family.

One notable expression of our support was the hosting of the Chatsworth Golf Tournament in 2012, a spirited event designed to generate essential funds for Kerr Street Ministries. This wasn’t just a fundraising initiative; it was a celebration of our shared values and the collective impact we could make. Bringing together participants, sponsors, and supporters, the tournament became a lively manifestation of community spirit, all working towards a common goal – supporting the vital initiatives of Kerr Street Ministries.

The camaraderie fostered during the tournament echoes the essence of our partnership. We take pride in not only contributing financial assistance but actively participating in the joyous moments that define a community. At Chatsworth, our commitment goes beyond philanthropy; it’s about building lasting connections and standing in solidarity with organizations like Kerr Street Ministries that make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Right now we should be out golfing in Kerr Street’s annual tournament but the event has been pushed into September. There is still time to register, and we hope that you will.

We look forward to getting together with friends to raise money for a worthy cause!!

You can donate to Kerr Street anytime of year, and every dollar counts!

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