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Energy Star Standards

High Performance Building at Chatsworth goes beyond conventional construction practices, reflecting our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and value to our homeowners. When we talk about High Performance Building, we are emphasizing a holistic vision that transforms the way homes are designed and constructed.

In the realm of Chatsworth, this commitment materializes in our Modern luxury home on Doulton Dr, Mississauga. One key aspect is our adherence to Energy Star standards, ensuring that the home surpasses the established code requirements by a significant margin. This dedication to exceeding standards is not just a checkbox; it’s a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Moreover, our commitment to cutting-edge technology is evident in the utilization of sophisticated 3D modeling software for the steel frame of the home. This advanced modeling not only enhances precision in construction but also allows us to optimize the structural integrity of the building. The result is not just a house; it’s a meticulously crafted living space that stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and quality.

For you, as a homeowner, the concept of High Performance Building translates into a residence that goes beyond expectations. It means a home where every detail is carefully considered, from energy efficiency to structural integrity, resulting in a living space that not only meets but exceeds your aspirations. Your new home is an investment, and at Chatsworth, we ensure that it’s an investment in a lifestyle of uncompromising quality and comfort.

Energy Star standards

This 3D engineering enables the fabricators to find any problems ahead of time by looking into the details of the structure. That saves wasted time on the job when erection is part of our critical path schedule.

This also enables coordination between different trades such as the concrete plank supplier and the steel fabricator. The result is a well executed job saving time and money!


At Chatsworth, our commitment to High Performance Building extends beyond a singular approach. We employ a diverse range of cutting-edge techniques and standards, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of our homeowners. The integration of Energy Star, Net Zero, Net Zero Ready, or Passivhaus standards is just one facet of our comprehensive strategy.

Our arsenal of tools is expansive, and we leverage them strategically to elevate the standards of construction. From advanced materials to state-of-the-art technologies, every aspect is carefully considered to raise the bar in home building. We understand that each homeowner’s vision is distinct, and our approach is adaptable, ensuring that the final result is not just a house but a reflection of individual aspirations and preferences.

To showcase our commitment to transparency and excellence, we regularly capture drone views of our projects in progress. These aerial perspectives not only serve as a visual documentation of the construction journey but also highlight our dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Keep an eye out for these captivating glimpses of our work, as they encapsulate the transformation of raw materials into the realization of a dream home.

If you’re intrigued by our High Performance Building philosophy or wish to explore the possibilities for your new build, we invite you to reach out to us. Whether you’re interested in understanding more about Net Zero Building, discussing project specifics, or simply learning about our innovative construction methods, our team is ready to engage in a conversation that brings your vision to life. Stay connected with us to stay informed about our ongoing projects and to embark on a journey towards a home that exceeds expectations.