Spring Training! To the Next Building Code

As the Blue Jays start their Spring Training, in what’s colloquially known as the Grapefruit league, the busyness of march break is upon us along with the spring fever that all Canadians feel after another cold winter.

At the same time, the Chatsworth Team are preparing to further hone their skills. Updating to the latest building code changes and best practices is ingrained in our company culture. With a firm commitment to training and keeping abreast of  latest developments in our industry, seminars and update courses are a must. Here’s the roster for training:

Building Code
A building under construction with a bulldozer in the background.
  • Building Codes: Building Code Changes and Challenges: What should a builder be planning for in 1 to 5 years
  • SB12 Performance Option: A better house for less cost
  • Energy Performance and Optimization Review: A Savings By Design overview. Learn the critical details to achieve 15% at less overall cost than building code.

Keynote Presentation & Panel Discussion: Tartan Homes Case Study

As the building code moves inexorably toward the gold standard of NET ZERO inevitable changes need to be learned and ingrained into the company’s modus operandae. Whatever changes come down the pipe our clients have come to know that they can rely on the team at Chatsworth to be equipped to tackle them!