Get A New Bathroom

Get A New Bathroom

Statistically speaking, the average human spends a year and a half of their entire life in the bathroom, so why not create a space that is comfortable, beautiful, and functional, to get the most out of that time. If you are looking to get a new bathroom for your Oakville home, we here at Chatsworth Fine Homes have put together some pointers, as stated below, that can help you create a functional and beautiful bathroom space that will provide you with the comfort you desire and can add great resale value to your home.

Sink And Vanity

To get the most function out of your bathroom, you should aim to place 2 sinks in main bathrooms and master ensuites. For this reason, the vanity and counter space should be at least six feet long, or more, to adequately fit multiple sinks and leave enough room for other things. A one sink bathroom is more suitable for powder rooms, or a small ensuite for one bedroom.

Storage Space

Added storage space is always a good idea, as it keeps items stored away, leaving a beautiful and clean area to be enjoyed to its fullest. This is perfect for bathrooms to put away towels, linens, toiletries, cleaning products, and anything else you feel should go in the cupboards. It is an ongoing trend for bathroom designs to be much larger than they used to, making extra cabinets and storage areas easier to fit in than ever before.

Bathtub And Shower

For new builds, both a shower and a tub are a great idea for the master bathroom. Showers need to have a minimum interior dimension of at least 40-inches. Seating and benches are becoming a popular feature for showers these days so extra space would be needed for this add on. Stand-alone tubs are also becoming widely popular again, and are a great focal point for the room. And remember, the toilet needs a wall space of at least 30-inches, and it is usually placed where it cannot be visible from the door upon entering the room.

If you are looking to get a new bathroom for your Oakville home and would like to hire a professional to obtain a classy, comfortable, and functional space, Chatsworth Fine Homes has the skills and knowledge to get it done.

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