In Progress: Custom Home, Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, Net Zero


As our Lakeshore project emerges from the ground, foundations complete and will soon be ready for framing! When complete this home will be Net Zero Ready, a relatively new building standard in the industry at large but a familiar term to high performance builders.

As we keep you abreast of the progress of our two new Net Zero projects, with each blog we’ll have a quick look at one aspect of Net Zero, high performance building.

One notable feature on this project is the groundwater management. A dry basement ranked high on the homeowners’ list. In days gone by basements had gravel under the concrete slab, to drain away groundwater but that was it! The building code now requires the basement to be sealed against radon gas.

Next steps for our project, when the concrete foundation walls are poured and waterproofing is done we will install 2” of solid expanded foam insulation under the slab and continue it up the inside of the concrete basement walls. This will not only ensure sealing from radon but increasing insulation for a cozy basement, extra damp proofing and energy savings!

In addition to the inherent increased standards of our Net Zero building approach we will incorporate extra features into this home to achieve homeowner comfort. We look forward to giving you the glimpses as we progress!

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