Net Zero Homes Oakville

NET ZERO HOUSING  update report

We wrote a somewhat longer blog article last year on Net zero home building and wanted to provide an update!! (to read more please go to that blog)

With the necessary training completed and courses passed we are now qualified as Net Zero builders! The next step in the process was completed when we registered our New Custom Home project in Oakville on Westdale Road in the Net Zero program. We are pleased to announce that this is Oakville’s first registration of a NET ZERO home. As custom home builders in Oakville we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients the best of the best in high performance building!

In further developments our Dalewood Custom Home project in Oakville is in progress and being detailed such that the building skeleton / insulation has been upgraded in anticipation of  NET ZERO future compliance. High performance homes provide not only frugal energy usage but are built to specifications ahead of their time which result in a VERY comfortable interior environment. A home can only be labelled NET ZERO if it has undergone strict engineering review and testing to comply with National Research Canada’s rigorous requirements.

NET ZERO PROVIDED in partnership with Oak Harbour Developments Inc.

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