In Progress: Custom Home, Devon Road, Oakville, Net Zero


The construction momentum is steadily building on Devon Road, nestled in the heart of East Oakville’s coveted Wedgewood Park, a neighborhood gaining increasing popularity. Chatsworth is currently engaged in the framing and roofing phases, bringing to life the vision of our clients who, dissatisfied with available resales, sought us out to create their dream home precisely to their specifications.

Designed with a transitional tone, the interior of this bespoke residence strikes a balance between simplicity and sophistication. The inclusion of exquisite paneling and multi-level plaster mould ceilings adds a touch of refined elegance, creating a living space that is both stylish and comfortable. At the rear, a covered porch beckons, offering a haven for alfresco dining or leisurely moments of contemplation amidst the beautifully landscaped garden.

This dream home isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about anticipating future needs. A dedicated theatre room has been incorporated, promising a true cinematic experience within the comforts of home. Additionally, a forward-thinking approach is evident in the provision for an elevator, addressing potential mobility challenges and ensuring the home remains accessible and accommodating over time.

Stay tuned for our blog updates, where we’ll be offering exclusive “sneak peeks” into the home’s interior, showcasing the latest design trends that seamlessly weave through every room. As Devon Road unfolds, we’re excited to share the journey of transforming a vision into a meticulously crafted reality, offering a glimpse into the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that define Chatsworth’s approach to homebuilding.

Devon Road

After discussing the merits and benefits of high performance building like ENERGY STAR®, R2000 and Net Zero, after much deliberation, Net Zero was the chosen program. A Net Zero home is built to a standard which will be the code norm in less than 10 years. Where comfort and energy savings are on the list, a Net Zero home can address each of the homeowner’s priorities. When designing a Net Zero home you are not forced into a rigid format but are allowed to focus on the areas that are important to you as a homeowner.

For example in this project after reviewing the cost differential for triple glazed windows a decision was made to stay with double glazed windows (albeit high performance windows). The chosen windows have a coating which blocks the sun’s energy, keeping the home cool and comfortable in the summer and reducing energy bills. A zip panel exterior provides insulated sheathing and reduces wasted heat caused by “thermal bridging”. These choices have to pass by the energy advisors for analysis to make sure the energy design is optimized!!!

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Devon Road