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New Build Homes Burlington

Today’s blog topic is about “New Build Homes Burlington.” There is a large portion of the housing / construction market geared to renovations in the Burlington area, and that doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon, but what about a new build? When should you consider a new build for your home, and what are the advantages to a new build?

We asked Brad Miller, a well-known Century 21 Oakville Realtor, to outline the advantages for a new build home. Brad explained “Well, many clients just want new and will pay a premium. So first-off a new build commands a higher price, its as simple as that! Secondly a new build allows clients to tailor the home to their own needs, whether it’s a larger mudroom for a busy family or a backyard oasis that substitutes for a cottage. Third if you’re seeking a lot for your new build then having the choice of getting that right lot, on the right street and even on the right side of the street can make a huge difference in the final build and the final selling price. Fourth, choosing the right architect is a must and finally, fifth, the right builder to execute it.”

Nick Capuano from Chatsworth Fine Homes provided some insights into a new build home in Burlington. “With building codes changing so quickly a new build is an opportunity to have the latest and most energy efficient home possible, also having control of the quality of the build means you get the final result you are looking for.

“We all know the renovation stories of people opening up walls and discovering horror stories that can’t be easily fixed. It’s the nightmare scenario for someone who buys an older home and despite the home inspection, many things just aren’t visible on the type of cursory inspection that even the best home inspections are limited to.

“There are also many items that are standard by current codes that can’t easily be retrofitted into a renovation. We’ve had clients start with considering a reno, then ending up realizing that they really want a new build. All the extra effort in planning, going through the arduous design process and getting it just right in a new build are very gratifying when it all comes to fruition.”

In a recent study commissioned by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association carried out by Avid Ratings having a “Certified home” came in as an important “must have.” This marks the first year that certification has made the top ten list. Further, five of the top ten items related to energy efficiency. While retrofitting an existing home to include energy efficient features can prove very difficult, a new build has the flexibility to include these “must have” features with not much ado. Lowering utility costs led the way in the survey’s list of motivating factors for energy conservation.

Whether you are contemplating a new build in Burlington, Oakville or Mississauga Chatsworth Fine Homes specializes in energy efficient building and provide NET ZERO homes along with its partner company Oak Harbour Developments.

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