Net Zero Homes, Oakville March 2018 update

As we rolled out our NET Zero Oakville , Net Zero Burlington and Net Zero Mississauga pilot programs, Net Zero as a method of building has been greeted with great enthusiasm. Our President Fil Capuano has been invited to workshop with local Oakville and Burlignton realtors interested in code changes and the Net Zero program. With one house in progress using NET ZERO Oakville standards (actual labelling anticipated in future) and another project in foundation phase , the first Net Zero Oakville home underway, targeted for completion and labelling mid 2019. A further project is in design  contemplating a late summer start as another NET ZERO Oakville home. Read more Net Zero Oakville Developments below….

Net Zero features as this year’s CMPX show ( Canadian Mechanical and Plumbing Expo)  rolls out in Toronto this month. As mechanical equipment is a key component of NET ZERO building  and ongoing code revisions require the latest and most efficient mechanical equipment the show is surely a bellwether of the coming years offerings. The race to provide the most efficient equipment and win the approval of home builders and mechanical contractors alike is “full on”.

In 2016 Bruce Nagy, a local writer, following developments in “Green Building” published an article on Net Zero’s status quo as it existed at that time. Bruce is again writing but for this year’s show he is featuring our project on Burgundy Drive. Completed  in 2014 , despite its large scale is still ranking up there with the energy misers and is described by Bruce as a “paragon of energy virtue”. See article

Bruce Nagy’s Net Zero Article

As this years show unfolds Plumbing and HVAC Magazine will feature our project as  an example of what can be achieved defining luxury in a Green  home. Watch out for our publication of Bruce’s 2018 article which we’ll carry “hot off the press”

Net Zero program provided in partnership with Oak Harbour Developments

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