Lakeside Retreat

The client’s wish was a resort, hotel feeling. Entering through the front gates the shingled façade that greets you could be transplanted from the Hampton’s. Although over 7000 sq ft the home exudes a warm friendliness, beckoning visitors to enjoy all the home offers. A large mahogany front door provides cues that there’s something special within, that won’t disappoint! The front hall begins to tell the story with finely detailed paneling and a playful ceiling relief, marble slab floors with polished metal inlays. The interior finishes are sublime! As you move through the home each area delights the senses with beautiful and interesting designs to please and draw in the visitor. Perhaps the signature piece is a 3-storey high chandelier which cascades from the Second floor above and pours out on the basement floor, a work of art!

The piano lounge continues from the main entrance hall and adjoins the great room and coffee bar, ready for easy weekend relaxing and entertainment. Arriving in the great room you are struck, not only by its cavernous volume but the large glass doors drawing your gaze out onto the Lake, past the haunting beautiful statue, seemingly taunting the sirens beneath the foam. A 15-seater hot tub with an infinity edge could fool you into thinking you’ve woken up on the cote d’azur in southern France. The entire home exudes a dream like quality as it continues to surprise and delight the senses.

The artful design doesn’t come at the expense of technical prowess or sustainability. This home has finely engineered and tuned mechanical systems to filter and condition the indoor environment for health, energy efficiency, and comfort year round! Truly a place to relax, revive and thrive!