Building A Home in Oakville

Building a Home in Oakville

Many of our clients are among those who have worked hard through their careers and entrust us with building their new home in Oakville. It may sound cliché but a “house” is a “home” when it  carries with it the nuance of family, warmth, friends, a respite from the world, an investment, even, for many, a legacy.

Our team at Chatsworth Fine Homes can bring those aspirations and dreams to life. Walking through the careful selection of your lot and the development of plans, helping with selections to the final touches on landscaping. It all can be an exhilarating experience! In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will talk about the advantages of working with a professional custom home builder.

Energy Efficiency: Moving to Net Zero!

Energy efficiency has become a Buzz Word in the building industry. The Chatsworth team is qualified and registered to build your new home in Oakville to exacting the energy standards of NET ZERO. This is a NRCan program that certifies the energy performance of your home ensuring comfort and lower energy bills. With rapidly changing building codes, why build to today’s standards, some of which will be obsolete before you move in? NET ZERO is the gold standard that the Ontario building code is moving towards. In fact by 2030 this will be the required level of the Ontario codes!


The opportunity to customize every detail of your new home can be exciting and yet at the same time daunting. Starting at the ideas for the layout… perhaps an eat in kitchen with a large island, adjoining family room with an Inglenook, an in law suite, car hoist, second floor laundry? The choices are yours!  Once the “big pieces” are decided on, then begins the detailing. Every facet of your home is thought through to ensure it meets your needs. Lighting layouts, electrical plans, zoned heating system, a custom wine cellar, an ergonomically designed kitchen all customized to your own taste with the latest energy efficient appliances. A daunting process but very gratifying when you are ready to move in to your new home in Oakville and enjoy your hard work.

Saves Money

Little talked about but much appreciated when you look at your pocketbook are the savings realized in reduced maintenance. In the first few years of a custom home the investment pay back begins with very little work required on all the new items. New plumbing fixtures, new appliances, new light fixtures, new windows, new roof (and the list goes on!) all take considerable initial investment but with applicable warranties on your new home there’s piece of mind so you can sit back relax and enjoy!

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