Renovation in Burlington

Renovation in Burlington

You live in an older home and are confronted with three options for your potential renovation in Burlington…..

1) does it make sense to renovate (will I get my money back?)

2) is my home a tear down that I should either build myself or, if so do I sell to a builder?

3) do I just move and take the increase in value on my property.

All good questions that we’ll look at in this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes below.

You can renovate

There are definitely savings to renovating and depending on the current configuration of your home it may warrant spending a bit more money to do an extensive renovation especially in many Burlington neighbourhoods where the values have been established at a much higher price with rebuilds and extensive renovations. The old adage telling you not to be the most expensive house on the street is something to consider. The savings mentioned above range from keeping the same water, sewer and hydro service to using the same foundation. These few things can runs into the tens of thousands. With a professional eye on your home a resourceful designer can provide add to your home while utilizing much of the existing layout. Building on the second floor is generally much cheaper and can add square footage to your home very frugally. The result is that your renovation in your Burlington home can add many thousands of dollars beyond the costs of the renovation.

You can tear down

If your home is in need of some fundamental changes and updates you may choose to push the pause button and consider not spending the money on a renovation. Burlington home values are increasing steadily despite some nay-sayers in the press. A new build can not only give you the flexibility to build completely custom but can be done cost effectively so that many find they could actually turn around and sell at completion, even though that wasn’t their plan.

You can move

You are in considering renovation in Burlington as your home is tired but aren’t sure you want to get involved in the build process or laying out the money. Many opt to simply cash in and move out to more areas with more affordable housing, especially for retirement and at the same time take a tidy sum from the sale of their Burlington home.

A renovation of your home in Burlington can go a long way to ensuring your home sells quickly and for top dollar, when the time comes. If you think your home could use some updating in certain areas for your own enjoyment or in order to catch the eye of potential buyers, then we say, Go for it! For more information about the renovation process and about some of the work we’ve done at Chatsworth Fine Homes, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.