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Home Improvement Burlington

We are entitling this blog “home improvement Burlington,” specifically because each town has its own specific character and housing mix, which informs how housing develops. If you are anticipating undertaking a home improvement in the Burlington area then what should you consider? You will surely have things that you want to improve about your current home and a list of what the biggest priorities are for you and your family. If you are considering a home improvement what should you consider? Most people want to know that their hard earned money is wisely invested. Questions spring to mind like, will I get my money back if I sold? Is this going to go out of style and look dated in a short time? Am I over spending?

We asked Fil Capuano, our company president and a Burlington resident, to offer some advice. “Well, whenever people ask for advice, I simply point back to fundamentals” says Fil. “I see Burlington has lots of potential, Why? Because of its proximity to the GTA. It’s on a well established traffic corridor, with access to what is arguably Canada’s most diverse economic engine, not to mention its vicinity to Lake Ontario. The current inventory of housing is aging and coming to the end of what most homeowners would consider “desirable.” Particularly in the South part of Burlington, additions and rebuilds can be seen everywhere. Fil continues, “That’s why, in my mind, a home improvement in Burlington is a “slam dunk.” You will be on a street where the rest of the houses will sooner or later get rebuilt or renovated, and that means the values will increase!! The old rule of not being the most expensive house on the street holds true, but with a well planned home improvement project, your investment will not only pay back when it comes time to sell, but is something you can enjoy in the meantime.”

In a recent study conducted  by The Canadian Home Builders Association, participants were asked what are the top 10 “MUST HAVE” items that a home should feature. Here’s the list:

1) Walk in closet

2) Energy efficient appliances

3) High efficiency windows

4) Linen closets

5) Overall energy efficient home

6) Kitchen island

7) Open concept kitchen

8) Large windows

9) 2 car garage

10) HRV / ERV air exchanger

There are surely some great insights into where spending will be most appreciated by future purchasers. If you are contemplating a home improvement in Burlington, this “must have” list is worth a look to see where the “bang for the buck” is. Contact us at Chatsworth Fine Homes today for more information on home improvements! Happy renovating!!!