Bathroom Burlington

Bathroom in Burlington

In today’s blog we are talking about bathrooms. We’ll look at two categories:

  • Bathroom planning in new homes
  • Bathroom renovations

We’ll start with new homes and discuss the latest one we recently completed. The bathroom in our Burlington build (along with the kitchen) was one of the central features for the client. These spaces tend to take a lot of time and command a good portion of the home construction budget. It’s essential to start with a good architectural layout that has provided enough room for the fixtures and features of your wish list.

 Some things to consider (below applies to both scenarios of new build and reno):

a) With a main bathroom or master ensuite 2 sinks are a must. One sink is only suitable for a powder room or a small ensuite to one bedroom. Two sinks will dictate a counter that is usually at least six feet long ( preferably longer).

b) For new builds, a shower and a tub is a must for the master.

c) The shower must have a minimum interior dimension of at least 40” for the master and shower seats/ benches are very popular.

d) If a steam unit is in the budget, then space will need to be provided for the actual steam generator (usually the size of a suitcase) located in an adjacent storage room or closet. The glass will also need extending to the ceiling to provide a completely enclosed shower if a steamer is used.

e) The toilet needs a wall space of at least 30” and most designers prefer it hidden, and not visible from the door on entering the room.

f) Stand alone tubs are still very desirable with the faucets emerging from the floor. Plan to have a foot clear at each end and the tub will usually sit 6-8” off the wall.

g) All in all, if you have the luxury of planning from the drawing stage, a master ensuite should ideally be a minimum of 8’6” wide and at least 14 ft long because this will accommodate a shower, double vanity, toilet and tub.

We include in this blog a layout of our project bathroom in the Burlington area. The final design had the solid wall omitted between the shower and the toilet in favour of a glass wall. The principles of planning are similar for a renovation, so today in this blog about bathrooms in Burlington, we want to mention a few pointers about renovations:

a) The principles of planning a bathroom renovation are similar to above list, so the option is either to look at the existing space and see if the layout of your new bathroom can be adapted to the current piping configuration. This is the simplest route but may not necessarily yield the most satisfying results.

b) In design, one of the principles is to start with the “program” ie. “what functionality do I want from this space?” Then an investigation of the adjacent spaces may reveal that space from a bedroom or closet could be annexed to the bathroom, making it more functional. The big takeaway from our design experience is don’t cut off options too early.

c) There is always a tension between making the bathroom renovation “just right” and trying to fit it within the budget. Hiring a professional to help with planning will pay dividends in the end

If you are considering a makeover for a bathroom in Burlington or Oakville don’t hesitate to call on the Chatsworth team to discuss your project. Let our experience work for you!! Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.

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