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Oakville Home Design with Chatsworth Fine Homes

Waiting for the spark of inspiration can be an exhausting and time-consuming endeavour, especially so when it comes to designing the exterior of your perfect home. Taking the jumble of ideas in your head and putting them onto paper to create a cohesive whole is easier said than done. But enlisting the help of Chatsworth Fine Homes for your Oakville home design, our team can make the process a whole lot easier!

The exterior of your home should show off the design and aesthetic you would like to portray to the world. As the outside facade and overall style of your structure, it is essential to think about these four main characteristics when designing the exterior of your home…

The shape and line of your building, the configuration of the layout and the flow of your facade all tie together to create the overall form of your home. How do the door, windows, roof, other key features work together?

Whether you are looking for a cottage feel, French country aesthetic, Victorian design, or a more contemporary approach, Chatsworth Fine Homes can work with you to create the perfect Oakville home design.

What materials will you be using for your exterior? Would you like stonework that portrays a depth to your facade, or are you looking for a simpler and smoother texture found in many modern designs?

Keep in mind, the siding of your structure could increase the perceived size of your home. So if you are working with smaller square footage choose a design that could amp up your space.

Speaking of space, is your design using the scope of your structure and surrounding area well? Are your windows and door designs too busy for the material used, or do you need to liven up your space with a few more architectural features and functions?

Entrusting your Oakville home design, especially your exterior expression, to Chatsworth Fine Homes will see you working with one of our trusted designers to pull out the ideas in your head and make them a reality!

The colour palette of your home can tie in the entire design. Which parts of your exterior do you want to warm up or cool down with your colour choices? Colour can work all on its own, making key building feature pop, or compliment designs on your building’s facade, softening the lines of your home to create a unique whole.

Take a walk or a drive around your neighbourhood to get an idea of the exterior designs in your home’s vicinity. Each area of living has its own unique expression, so understanding the design context in which you will be building your own home is essential to its overall impression.

A great architectural design, regardless of style, will stand the test of time. It is our designer’s here at Chatsworth Fine Homes, that can work with you to create the perfect Oakville home design.

Contact us online to get in touch with one of our personable team members to get your home design underway today!