When Top Flight Architects  JP Thomson embarked on the journey to envision a new home for their client, the task was formidable. The unique vision, committed to paper, scrupulously and exactingly demanding down to the finest detail.  The technical challenges of building to hybrid modern commercial specifications and then to bring to life the interior with hand-picked extraordinary detailing was daunting, even to the most seasoned veteran builder.

The Chatsworth team were honored to be chosen for their depth of knowledge, experience, and capabilities necessary to artfully shape and craft the Architect’s vision bringing to life homeowner’s dreams. This vision includes a large underground garage, a green roof, a full 20 seat home theatre, a lower and upper kitchen, an elevator and a spacious indoor pool and gym. 

On the grounds, a sport court is incorporated into a professionally landscaped plus-size lot. A large sliding security gate maintains the family’s privacy along with high security bollards protecting the ramp entrance to the basement garage. Although the home may seem lavish, all the walls and triple glazed windows are energy efficient. The grounds also deal with the stormwater internally, a feature on many lead projects.