This colossus made the headlines back in 2002 and was touted as “bigger than the white house”. As the Chatsworth team assembled the craftsmen to tackle this mammoth undertaking the press took a particular interest in the minutiae of the build. Mr. Powell had a vision shaped after the great houses of Europe, a home that would endure, something which, with the passage of time would fall to the next owner to “steward’ this special home. Someone who would perhaps carry the baton and make their own improvements and indelibly stamp the home with their family’s mark. After passing the front gate a coach house greets visitors. Once through the inner gates you are greeted by a spectacular prospect. 

The façade was inspired by the owner’s favourite stately home in the UK, a home occupied by the famous Anne Boleyn. The Flemish gables and red brick are a signature piece of the home. The slate roof , exterior copper work and complete concrete structure guarantee a very long life for the home. More than 5000 tonnes of concrete was used in the entire build!

This home features a bowling alley, full theatre room for 20 people, a discotheque, indoor full size pool and parking for 12 cars. When the power goes down the home can be completely self sufficient on its own generator. It boasts its own private chapel, pool pavilion and cedar maze. The Chatsworth team completed the home in 3 years and is happy to have since built again and again for the family.