Renovation Burlington

We recently posted on “Home Improvements Burlington” to give some tips on things to consider when doing a home improvement in the Burlington area. The current subject of today’s blog is “Renovations in Burlington.” We differentiate between our home improvements blog and our  renovations blog to focus in on what’s happening, in particular, in the Renovation Burlington market. Where the extent of the project stretches out to be more than a simple kitchen or bathroom home improvement, and more of an extensive renovation with moving walls and potentially additions to your home. We turned to Krzystof Olak principal in OM Architecture, a local firm with plenty of experience in the market of renovations in Burlington. OM, although a relatively new firm, have partners with lots of relevant experience in the renovations market in the Burlington area.

Krzysztof commented, “We’ve noticed a large movement as our clientele develops. Definitely a big wave of  1950s/1960’s homes are being regularly developed into a modern design by renovation. With changing real estate markets, renovations in Burlington are in high demand. These are quite successful and the simplicity of a modern home is in demand. People who were  reticent to go with modern design because of the uncertainty of its marketability at resale, a few years ago, are now confident in choosing modern design because there is a good inventory, which gives confidence for anyone building.” Krzys continued, “We’ve done lots of renovations and these 50’s and 60’s homes are quite easily renovated into a modern style. Although we find clients may want to keep to a more transitional exterior to “play it safe” for resale, but the inside will be more modern.”

At Chatsworth Fine Homes, we see Burlington renovation trends have definitely gone to more modern and/or transitional, particularly with interiors where traditional detailing is considered by many passe, and the traditional interiors found regularly in years gone by has been supplanted by a signal shift to the modern /transitional. A key element to keep in mind for a renovation in Burlington is the government’s green fund. The government are in the midst of rolling out programs with grants applicable to increasing energy efficiency of local renovations and throughout Ontario. If you are considering a renovation in Burlington, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation!