Get kitchen renovations in Burlington

One of the most important rooms in your home is the kitchen. Although we’re not all gourmet chefs, we do spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen; getting meals prepared, chatting, it’s usually the quick meet up spot. Most people however let this area age over time, and slowly it becomes outdated. If you’re dealing with outdated and old fashioned appliances, you could be losing money in efficiency and missing out on optimizing your homes comfort.  In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we’ll talk about a few things you should consider when thinking about remodeling your kitchen in Burlington.


Your budget is the most important part of any project.  During a remodel, there are so many expenses that the budget tightens up with every decision.  Setting a budget that is comfortable for you, and keep in mind that it will likely be recouped in the case of a sale.  Try to spend less than 50% of your home’s value on the kitchen renovation, and not go over that percentage. When you’re setting up a budget, you should set aside money in case the unexpected arises.  No matter the home (new or old), it’s almost a guarantee that complications will arise. We recommend a contingency fund of 15-20% of the total budget.  That way if you need to spend it you’re covered, and if not, then you’ll have some leftover funds to enjoy.

If you’re still wary of a full, in depth renovation, you can improve the design of your kitchen in Burlington by installing new counter tops or appliances.  You can even paint the cabinets by yourself, which will change the look of the entire kitchen area.  There a few minor tweaks you can make to your kitchen that will drastically improve your kitchen.

Quick Hits

Updating your food prep and cooking area with a tile back splash can be a visual boost.  Choosing a functional, modern design can highlight your creativity and harmonize with the look of the entire kitchen.

You’ll be surprised at how much new counter tops impact kitchen. A sleek granite counter top can serve as a beautiful focal point for the entire room.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there during the renovation. Keep in mind that cooking is truly an art and a home chef needs inspiration.  Showcase some decorative bottles, glassware, artwork, use hooks to hang up mugs, a clock, or a miniature garden using jar planters. Have fun with it! Explore your tastes.


Flooring can make or break any room. Dull hardwood, stained carpet, bubbling laminate, all detract from your homes quality. Ultimately, replacing is the better option than regular cleaning. Pristine hardwood could create a sizable increase in asking price.

Renovating your Burlington home can go a long way in improving your daily life and your home’s value.  For more information about the renovation process and to see some of the work we have completed feel free to click here!