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Find Real Estate

Don’t compromise on the location for your future home, or your home for your location- gain it all instead! If you find real estate in Oakville that speaks to you but the structure leaves much to be desired, don’t let it slip through your fingers, contact us at Chatsworth Fine Homes and let us rebuild a home you can be proud of. Check out the list of qualities that could make prime real estate for home buyers!

Scenic Views

Homes that can provide inhabitants with beautiful views and panoramic settings are highly sought after. Everyone enjoys waking up to a stunning sunrise, with a nice cup of coffee or tea in hand, making it the perfect start to the day. This is especially true when that view consists of the water, mountains, greenbelts, or cityscapes.

Proximity To Work

Many people do not enjoy long commutes to and from work, so homebuyers will search for places that are relatively close to their place of work to cut down on travel time, making each day more enjoyable.


Whether it is restaurants, bars, movie theatres, gyms, shopping centres, museums and galleries, or other customer-oriented business, homes that are close to entertainment facilities go for a premium over houses located further away. Convenience in this respect is key.

Access To Recreational Hobbies

Many people who enjoy swimming or hiking, or hobbies that have to do with the outdoors, like to have immediate access to places around their home so they can spend more time doing what they like, without having to drive there.

Great School Districts

Homeowners with children should pay attention to the school districts in the neighbourhood they would like to buy in to make sure their kids receive a good education, from preschool all the way to high school. On top of schooling, parks and sports facilities are also great to have nearby for easy accessibility and child-friendly experiences.

Central Property

Whether a house is in the middle of a bustling community, or in the centre of a neighbourhood street, people like to buy real estate that offers homeowners a centralized location for easy access to many places while surrounded by others, for safe and communal living.

Public Transportation

Whether or not you have access to a car, being close to public transportation comes in handy, allowing you to reach destinations you might not otherwise be able to get to.

If you find real estate in Oakville that ticks all of the boxes for locational qualities, only to open the door and see a structure that doesn’t feel like home, give us a call! At Chatsworth Fine Homes, we can transform a house into your dream home, matching its quality to its perfect surroundings.

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