Custom Homes in Burlington with Chatsworth Fine Homes

Custom Homes in Burlington with Chatsworth Fine Homes

Many of our clients have worked hard to get where they are now, and when they put their trust in our hands to plan and execute their dream home, we do not take that trust lightly.
Chatsworth Fine Homes works hard to bring you the best custom homes in the Burlington area.

The distinction of changing a ‘house’ into a ‘home’ can be a small or an extensive list. It is the process of turning the image of your dream home into a reality. Designing and executing your vision perfectly, while adding the warmth of your personal touch is what custom home builds should be all about!

In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will discuss the necessary features you should take into account for any custom home build in Burlington. Read on for this pertinent information!

The budget is essential for the planner, designer, builder, and just about every project surrounding the home build. We advise a contingency in your budget between 15 to 20% to be safe. You can never be sure of the construction process, so it is always best to keep some of your funding in reserve for unforeseen circumstances and arising problems.

Dishing out the cash up front for new appliances, plumbing and light fixtures, and new windows and roofing might seem like a daunting prospect, but you could be saving money in the long run with energy efficient and top of the line appliances. The bottom line is to set a budget that is comfortable for you and remember, you could be recouping the money spent on resale of your home.

Planning a schedule is essential to the smooth running of a home build or renovation. Adding a buffer to your timeline, as with your budget, is advised, as unexpected issues could arise at any time.

Therefore a realistic timeline will keep you from feeling disappointed if your project is not finished by the time you thought it might be. The completion date of a custom home build depends upon a great many details all coming together at once; it can be a tricky balance.

We feel the safest when we are within our own homes. The walls become a haven from work, errands, stress, and the like that follows us around from our day to day activities. Entrusting your Burlington custom homes to us at Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will work for you to create a home that fits you and your unique vision.

Now is the time to brainstorm what exactly it is you want out of your home. What necessary features and essential characteristics are you looking for in your home?  Making a list of your top needs and wants is a great jumping off point. Your vision and budget, combined with our contractor’s product knowledge, and design experience will consolidate into the ideal custom home!

Materialize your Burlington custom home image with Chatsworth Fine Homes! Contact us online or by telephone (905-337-1112), to learn more about what our company has to offer you!