Custom Bathrooms for Oakville Homeowners

Balancing the line between traditional and trend-setting can be a troublesome thing, especially when it comes to customarily smaller spaces like the bathroom. How do you make a statement without going overboard? Whether you are looking to renovate or build these custom bathrooms in your Oakville home, Chatsworth Fine Homes wants to assist you in creating a space both relaxing and luxuriously comforting.

Naturally Nude

Bringing the natural world into the bathroom can be a great way to add a little serenity to the space. If you are one to find peace in nature, then using natural materials such as stone, wood, and marble, in this customary relaxing space is a must.

Don’t just look to the floor and the walls to splash out your material, the showers, bathtubs, vanities and other bathroom pieces can be created using these natural finishes, making them even more of an eye-catching part of your design.

The simplistic elegance of natural textures is made even better by the fact that you can easily mix and match and pair different looks together to create a unified sensual and organic whole.  Making this space a haven for nature, as well as for yourself, can bring a new level of tranquility to your bathroom.

Originally Opulent

Searching for a way to create a luxurious spa-like aesthetic to your private space, something a little more lavish in its appeal? Chatsworth Fine Homes can help to form your vision of an opulent custom bathroom in your Oakville home, into a reality.

Sinks are increasingly becoming a great focal point of bathrooms, whether or not there is a shower or tub in the room. Crystal, platinum, and even gold-plated vanity sinks, along with artistically rendered plumbing fixtures, can demonstrate classy extravagance.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, smaller or larger statement pieces can be used to lend an overall polished and unified look to the space. If you really want to impress, adding a flat screen television, mini fridge, fireplace, and other remote technology that is smart phone-operated allows for complete and total pampering.

Had something even more grandiose in mind for your custom bathroom design? We want to hear about it!

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With Chatsworth Fine Homes, no custom bathroom design is out of our reach, as we provide Oakville residents with only the best materials and design aesthetics for their relaxing pleasure.

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