A Legacy of Trust
With Chatsworth Fine Homes

”When you put craft first and business second, the business sorts itself out when you’re focusing on the craft. That’s a defining feature of the company.”
Daniel Capuano
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Get an inside look at the construction of this one-of-a-kind luxury smart home set on a sprawling 50-acre estate in Caledon. Designed by renowned designer Jane Smith and premier custom luxury home builder Chatsworth Fine Homes, no expense was spared to make this 6,500 square foot net zero home an architectural work of art.

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Be the Change

Forward-thinking Chatsworth clients Katherine Gregory and Boris Bozic recently completed the largest Net-Zero renovation in Canada. Their nearly 11,000 ft² estate in Caledon East now consumes 1/3 of the energy it once did. They wanted to improve the existing house, sustainably merging old and new seamlessly in the interior, and accentuating the natural beauty of their exquisite property. With so many potential pitfalls associated with a custom build, Gregory and Bozic put their trust in Chatsworth, secure in the knowledge that they could successfully negotiate the many challenges along the way and deliver exactly what they needed.

“Expectations are one thing, but our house was better in its final result than could have ever been anticipated at the beginning of the project. Fil and his team listened intently and created something absolutely perfect,” Bozic said.

The project was Gregory and Bozic’s largest undertaking to date, and a plan was initially created to completely alter the original footprint of the house in order to improve the functional flow. They wanted to allow for substantial additions and improve on the uninterrupted views of the property’s picturesque landscapes. Finding a seamless junction point of old and new was a definite challenge, carefully merging all the modern elements with the heritage of the home’s original character.

This was no small feat, and required a number of ongoing changes which presented its fair share of conflicts. Drawings for the original house turned out to be very different from the actual structure, and surveying led to the drafting of completely new architectural renderings. Chatsworth’s skillful handling of the pitfalls gave them the ability to make a number of successful engineering changes as the job progressed. During the renovations, the foundation needed improvements due to unforeseen site conditions, and the perimeter terrace had to be completely re-worked and elevated.

Emission Evolution

The house and surrounding property were also fitted with cutting-edge digital technologies, 17kw of solar on the roof to offset usage, HEPA filtered resh air, and a rough-in for a Tesla power wall. Conscious choices included installing engineered solar glass windows and switching from oil and propane to super-efficient heat pumps. With the implementation of the best building science available, utility bills were lowered, and drafts were completely eliminated thanks to a high-performance airtight home with electric heat pumps. Chatsworth provided effortless performance with all of the interior and exterior operations.

Architect for the project, Philippe Lamadeleine of Custom CADD Inc. was highly impressed with the process, “Chatsworth was incredibly diligent in co-ordinating site changes and navigating the unexpected hurdles along the way. Throughout the entire build, they provided great quality building and the best finish quality I’ve seen on any build in my 24-year career,” Lamadeleine added.
”The client makes the project from our standpoint, Chatsworth makes the project from the completion and execution of value.”
Jane Lockhart Design

A Legacy of Trust

With a reputation as a leading luxury custom home builder across the GTA, Chatsworth consistently delivers multi-million-dollar homes on time and on budget thanks to the unique skillsets they’re able to access with every aspect of their multi-faceted projects. Known for their high-level performance, clients are amazed at Chatsworth’s capabilities to implement solutions and their unwavering dedicatio to transparency, tracking budgets, and sourcing cost-effective alternatives.
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Get an exclusive insider’s look behind the scenes of this luxury home makeover, spearheaded by powerhouse duo Jane Lockhart and Chatsworth Fine Homes. Acclaimed interior designer Jane Lockhart has teamed once again with her trusted partners at premier building firm Chatsworth Fine Homes to bring her signature glam aesthetic to life.

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Better Living

Building codes that promote Net-Zero principles and only the highest building standards have been firmly rooted in Chatsworth’s ethos since the company first began in 1980.

They understand the systematic approaches to building, and their many satisfied clients are truly a testament to better living. The current leadership is a new generation, continuing the tradition of delivering sophisticated luxury custom homes with white-glove attention and transforming every building project into an enjoyable, elevated experience.

They also present their clients with conscious choices that enable homeowners to get to the next level in sustainability, enjoying the immediate benefits and creating a safer tomorrow.

When you combine the reduction in overall savings operating a Net-Zero home with the obvious environmental benefits, there’s no longer a debate over the choice to switch.


Owner and founder of Chatsworth Fine Homes, Fil Capuano, understands the nuances of delivering his clients gold star service, old world craftsmanship, and greater energy independence with the creation of luxury homes that provide a safe and superior sustainable legacy for future generations.

“There’s no sacrificing home design to build Net-Zero energy-efficient homes, science and beauty can now be combined”, Capuano said.
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At Chatsworth Fine Homes we’re trailblazers leading the way in sustainable home building – constructing Canada’s most advanced net zero residences decades ahead of standard practice. With four generations specializing at the forefront of construction techniques, we intimately understand how to engineer homes for remarkable efficiency and total comfort.

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Award-winning designer Jane Lockhart’s interior transformation of Gregory and Bozic’s living space perfectly embodied their artistic vision and allowed them to spread their wings in directions they didn’t know they could fly. “It’s often a once in a lifetime journey and they should have the opportunity to experience it, I want them with us every step of the way on our travels,” Lockhart said.

It takes interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve true success, and all of Chatsworth’s teams are well known for the trust they establish with their clients, taking the time to recognize, understand, and meet their specific needs at every stage. “What matters the most is the team, and everyone listened,” Gregory said.

With her own home décor boutique in Collingwood, Katherine’s Chateau, Gregory was well versed in design herself, but wanted a completely new direction for her Caledon home. “Jane and I worked so well together to create the transformation I had envisioned,” Gregory said.
“It’s an expression of your sense of taste, made by stirring dreams with details to create an everlasting result.”
Jane Lockhart Design

Setting Standards

Excellence and pride in craftsmanship comes from both skill and experience. The architects, builders, landscapers, millworkers, masons, and design masters that all come together seamlessly to complete Chatsworth projects demonstrate an innate capacity to succeed in planning and executing construction perfection.

“I love what I do because it’s an art form. It’s helping people realize their own aspirations, their dreams, and what they want to put together. You’re creating, and when you see the end result, it’s very satisfying. We land the plane with a smooth ride for all,” Capuano said.

Clients are secure in the knowledge that their investments are preserved with Chatsworth, and that they’ll always deliver a positive experience.

“Our goal is that you will continue discovering hidden delights in the design and details of your Chatsworth Fine Home. We view your whole home building experience as a journey, an adventure, as part of your life story, something special to be treasured for a lifetime,” Capuano said.