Burlington Bathroom Design with Chatsworth Fine Homes

Burlington Bathroom Design with Chatsworth Fine Homes

The bathroom holds many different functions in a home. Deciding on the perfect design for your bathroom is essential to the overall ambience. Are you looking to create an oasis used to pamper yourself, a relaxing spa, or a place you want to come to unwind after a stressful day?

In this article by Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will discuss bathroom design and exactly what features you should be thinking about before undertaking this project in your Burlington home. Read on to learn what these are.

First and foremost, Chatsworth Fine Home bathroom design should take into account the floor plan of your Burlington home. The layout of your bathroom will depend upon the amount of space you have to work with. Are you operating with an existing plumbing and electrical wiring, or do you have total control of the floor plan? Will your plumbing wire to a two-wall layout, or extend to a three-wall design, a more expensive and complicated build.

Shower, Bathtub, or Both!
Choosing a shower, bathtub, or even both will center around your layout. These appliances are central to the functioning of the bathroom and will set the overall theme of the room, especially with the design and material used to execute them.

As the focal point, you can decide on the shower base material, shower screen, and shower heads. Multiple shower heads have become the trend in luxury bathrooms as it gives the room a pampered and spa-like feel. Choose between ceiling-mounted rain shower heads, vertical body spray shower heads, or handheld showerheads. If you cannot decide, why not choose all three?

If you prefer to have a bathtub in your bathroom, free-standing baths lend a contemporary feel to the room while claw-and-ball tubs give off an air of elegance.

Sink and Vanity
Tapware is a feature that can be overlooked but holds great sway in the overall design of a bathroom- so keep in mind your overall theme. Deciding if you need one sink or two will impact your vanity choice. The vanity is a great way to express your style while also thinking about the practical side of this piece. How much counter space and storage will you need?

Fixtures, Fittings, and Extra Features
Proper lighting is essential to the use of a bathroom. Focus on the lighting in front of the mirror, placing wall mount lights on each side of the mirror and third above the mirror are the best placements to illuminate all sides of your face.

The material used for the walls and flooring of your bathroom needs to be impervious to water, slip-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic tiles are ideal for this.

Last but not least, brainstorm the amenities you want your bathroom to have. If you are going for a luxurious feel, maybe a fireplace, heated towel rail, sound system, or television would make a great addition. Adding extra comforts to your bathroom design is easy with Chatsworth Fine Homes, we will take your Burlington home one step further and make it a room in the house you will never want to leave!

Flawlessly execute your bathroom design in your Burlington home when you enlist the help of Chatsworth Fine Homes. Contact us online, or by phone (905-337-1112), to get your project underway today!