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High Performance Building

High-performing, beautifully designed custom homes & estates.

Designed with home comfort in mind, Chatsworth combines thoughtful design with innovative energy-efficient technologies. A little known fact is that Canada is a world leader in energy efficient building technology. For more than 50 years Canada has been at the forefront and Chatsworth capitalizes on all that valuable learning!

As a truly green home builder, we look at onsite development, material selection, water-saving technologies, energy efficiency and indoor air quality without compromising gorgeous design.

Our green building strategies help you reduce maintenance and replacement costs, off-set utility costs, lowering the cost of homeownership, and increasing property and resale values.

Outstanding architecture meets advanced building science in this zero energy home.

They bespoke the experience, so if you want it done 5 different ways, they’ll sit down and explain how to get it done, both commercially and technically... You break that paradigm and build a perfectly sealed bubble and as a result, you can manage your own environment while being easier on the earth.

Third-party verified

Following stringent energy-saving, third-party verified guidelines, we deliver ultra-comfortable, bespoke homes that are easier on the environment.


We stay up-to-date on the latest green building technologies, here are a few that we often incorporate into our building design. Challenge us, let’s build your net-zero energy home together.

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Building Envelope Air Sealing

High R-Value Insulation icon

High R-Value Insulation

Sealing the home’s envelope (exterior walls, ceiling, and floors) allows you to lower energy bills while having more control of your indoor environment. Our goal is to reduce air leakage as much as possible ensuring your home is perfectly airtight with no unwelcome and energy-wasting drafts.

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High R-Value insulation has a higher resistance to heat flow meaning it improves energy efficiency by better insulating the home. It doesn’t stop there. Careful consideration of the building science that informs our decision on the materials we use is an important step in deciding the best insulation that’s right for the “envelope” of your home.

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Solar Panels

High Performance Windows icon

High Performance Windows

Solar panels provide access to a renewable resource that harnesses “free” energy from the sun. Solar power has the least negative impact on the environment and can help you reduce or even eliminate energy bills completely.

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More rigid and durable than traditional windows, high performance windows offer outstanding insulation performance. They are less likely to fog or freeze up, are naturally soundproof and provide an extra layer of safety and comfort to your home.

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Air Exchange Systems

Rainwater Recovery Systems icon

Rainwater Recovery Systems

Perfectly airtight homes require air exchange systems to renew indoor air. Benefits of air exchangers, the “lungs” of your home, include significant improvement in air quality, moisture evacuation, superior ventilation, reduced risk of mold and mildew and the elimination of pollutants in your home.

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Water conservation is important to homeowners that build with Chatsworth Fine Homes. Collected water can be used to irrigate lawns, wash cars or even flush toilets meeting water demands even in dryer months where watering bans may be in place.

Heat Pumps icon

Heat Pumps

Home Automation icon

Home Automation

Heat pumps offer the most efficient heating and cooling alternative to fuel oil, electric systems and even natural gas. They use less energy than electricity and pump hot or cool air from one place to another by using a compressor through which heat (or AC) is extracted from outside sources and pumped indoors.

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Turning custom homes into custom ‘smart homes’, home automation systems control indoor climate, lighting, entertainment and security systems, appliances and how the home is connected to the Internet. You choose home much or how little suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting icon

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting is important, it's what highlights the beautiful finishes in your home. When you replace your home's five most frequently used light fixtures with models that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating, you can save $100+ each year. We customize fixture and bulb models, designs and sizes to best suit your needs.

A luxurious home that produces as much energy as it uses

Incorporating gorgeous design, premium finishes and innovative building science, this Chatsworth Home produces as much energy as it uses. Learn more about our first Net Zero project in this article by West of the City: 'Net Zero Home: Luxury meets eco-friendly in a stunning new Oakville home'

You folks do such beautiful work. I am always so proud to show off and talk about your projects in my travels – of course most of that is to other builders, but they are inspired by it.

Talk to us about building a brand new energy-efficient custom home or renovating your existing home to be high-performing.

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