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Bridge saws and CNC machines have become the cornerstone of all stone production businesses. These machines increase production speed by up to ten times, with maximum accuracy and efficiency. This allows increasing projects, customers, and, of course, profitability significantly.

Among the different bridge saw for marble and granite technologies, the best are those with water systems. A wet bridge saw helps control dust and waste, allowing for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient operation. If you are looking for an excellent wholesale bridge saw with a water system, you will find the best alternatives at BridgeSaw.com. You should know why to choose us and the exceptional options we have for you.

Why Buy Your Wet Bridge Saw From Us?

When you buy your Stone & granite bridge saw from Bridgesaw, you are assured of purchasing industry-leading equipment. We use all the knowledge and expertise accumulated throughout our more than 10 years of service for our designs and development. Each machine has the best features in terms of robustness, electronics, hydraulics, control, and additional features to maximize production. We don't believe in selling upgrades, so we ensure that each machine has everything you need to boost your business with a one-time investment.

Choose From the Top Options We Offer You at Bridgesaw

  • DiamondJet: is an excellent machine with a high level of precision and control. It has a 5-axis interpolation system for complex cuts. Also, it has an excellent mechanical configuration, which combines an automatic 360° rotary head, an 85° hydraulic tilting table, and an automatic tilting capacity of up to 85°. This will allow you to process any part with great precision and quality. Its laser plotter and automated control system will allow you to set up all your projects easily and quickly.
  • Diamond 3: This excellent state-of-the-art machine has become a must for every stone fabricator in the industry. Thanks to its programmable computer and fixed front panel, it is highly controllable and configurable. Besides, it has a powerful 20 HP motor and a robust hydraulically driven rotary table ready for heavy-duty work. It has laser-guided cutting, allowing you various options for fully motorized miter and depth cuts.
  • Diamind5 CNC: If you are looking for the best choice of a wholesale CNC bridge saw in the market, the Diamond5 is for you. Take full advantage of its tool measuring system, hydraulic tilting table, and CAD/CAM pegasus to tackle any project efficiently. It has a 5-axis interpolated system for intricate cuts. Also, it has a convenient router bit for sinks and inside corners, allowing you to accomplish complete projects in a single process. It is fully programmable with intuitive, easy-to-use software.

Shop the Best of the Industry at Bridgesaw

Only at Bridgesaw, you will find state-of-the-art equipment that will push your business to the top. We design with the best technologies and manufacture with the finest materials and highest quality standards to offer you machinery that will leave you more than satisfied. Take advantage of the great benefits of this investment, and put your business at the forefront. Ask about our unique financing plans. Contact us for service or to see our models and deals today.

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