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Are you looking for a professional renovations company that can do high end luxury custom renovations in Oakville? Well if so, we recommend that you choose Chatsworth Fine Homes 

One of the first decisions a homebuyer needs to make is whether to opt for existing housing or new construction. First off, many neighbourhoods featuring brand new homes are establ

Do I Buy or Build my new home? Or hide my money in the mattress?………for the few fortunate enough to have the where-with-all to entertain this question a dilemma quickly presen

Custom home designs allow families to get creative with their living spaces and ensure that the end result will meet the homeowners’ needs, including unusual ones. Building your

Please check out some articles on our Chelster Hall project. Timeless Taste, Beer Money: A $65 Million Mansion for the Ages – The Globe and Mail. Mansion for Sale in Oakville –