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East Oakville Private Client

Well these clients “had their cake and ate it too”. This project nestled in the dead centre of East Oakville’s residential lakeshore neighbour hoods garnered BILD custom home of the year in 2017. The whole shell including walls and floors are concrete. Clad with hand dressed limestone and topped with a slate roof, detailed with lead coat copper features including finals, eavestroughs and downpipes.

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Hixon Street, Oakville

This award winning project garnered BILD’s coveted Custom Home of the year 2015. With Cape Cod reminiscent detailing such as cedar shingle siding and revival trim architecture, this family home nestled close to Bronte Harbour has received many compliments. A tall vaulted ceiling graces the kitchen great room creating an inviting space for family gathering. Earth tones and greys were used throughout the transitional interior providing inviting and cozy and yet stylish themes. Coordinated landscape architecture surrounds the home to conjure a sense of tranquility and peace. Chatsworth brought this project in on time and under budget.

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William Street, Oakville

These clients are Long time Oakville residents and wanted to be close to the downtown. The charm of the historical district drew them in to this formidable “rebuild”. This project presented a myriad of challenges. An inviolable must was to maintain the façade as if it had been “freshly painted” in the 1860’s. Windows were painstakingly matched to authentic architectural details.

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Time to Celebrate NET ZERO, a first!

This past weekend, we celebrated a house warming with our clients in Oakville. After the stresses and strains of moving day they found themselves, relieved and enjoying their new home, built to rigorous NET ZERO standards! They generously treated the Chatsworth team to a wonderful dinner to celebrate what is for every family a landmark event, a new home! Imagine that your home was so energy efficient it consumed a whopping 60% less than comparable new home built to code specification! Well if you live in a NET ZERO home you wouldn’t have to imagine as that would be true!!

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Kerr Street Mission Golf Tournament

Well, Kerr Street Mission Classic Golf Tournament came and went last week. Despite a deluge of rain causing delayed play, spirits weren’t dampened. While building custom homes for families is our business in Oakville, partnering with Kerr Street we feel like we are working in the same vein because, for most of us the family is the home!! All those who contributed received this gratifying note from Heidi at Kerr Street Ministries….. it speaks for itself.

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Tribute to Paul van Nuland….

We are all mourning the loss of our friend and co-worker Paul van Nuland. For the past months he had been in treatment but regrettably passed away on May 12 2019 at home with his family. We’ll remember Paul for his quit wit and corny jokes, his fishing stories and  simply a good sense of humour. Paul was always the man you wanted on the job. He would tear through work like a whirlwind. His wirey frame was deceiving as he could outwork the best of them. When the job needed doing, and some of them were ugly,  Paul was there to lead the charge and “get ‘er done”.

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Changes to the Construction Lien Act!

While building Luxury custom homes and highly efficient  NET ZERO homes is our stock- in- trade at Chatsworth Fine Homes, the list of tools in our “chest” is constantly expanding to keep ahead and current in the ever changing construction industry.

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Building Science Spring Camp Training II

We blogged last month about sending one of our team to a building update seminar on energy efficient building and latest trends and techniques  in NET ZERO  building. Well we are continuing our commitment to upgrading seeing another one of our team attending the “SPRING TRAINING CAMP”  put on by Building Knowledge Canada. We recently completed a large home in Mississauga, which although not registered in the NET ZERO program benefited from all the learning we have gained from ongoing training and our other Net Zero efforts.

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Spring Training! To the Next Building Code

As the Blue Jays start their Spring Training, in what’s colloquially known as the Grapefruit league, the busyness of march break is upon us along with the spring fever that all Canadians feel after another cold winter. At the same time, the Chatsworth Team are preparing to further hone their skills. Updating to the latest code changes and best practices is ingrained in our company culture. With a firm commitment to training and keeping abreast of  latest developments in our industry, seminars and update courses are a must. Here’s the roster for training.

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