Heat Blocking Window Film

Heat blocking window film is a thin plastic film that can easily be applied to the inside of your windows. It blocks out heat from sunlight and protects your home from overheating. It also helps prevent condensation, which is caused by cold air coming into contact with your warm windows when it’s raining outside. As an extra benefit, your house will look more attractive with the window film for heat reduction because it adds a nice shine to the glass.

The Benefits of Using Our Heat blocking window film

Professional Fit & Installation

Our installation team is professionally trained to ensure that all custom window treatments are installed perfectly. They take great care when measuring your windows, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing curb appeal. Our window fashions are professionally cleaned to maintain their beauty and vibrancy, extending their lifespan.


Solar-shielding tint isn’t just a way to cut costs and reduce your environmental footprint. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who wants to improve their home’s aesthetics. If you haven’t considered your options, now is a great time to start! Our premium quality solar window film will make any room feel more comfortable and welcoming.


Heat blocking films are meant to keep objects in a specific temperature range and, as such, need to be designed from carefully selected materials that won’t break down or melt at high temperatures. We use only the best of these materials at our company and design our films to be long-lasting and easy to handle.

Better UV Rejection

The reflective, heat-blocking film that we install on your windows helps to keep your home at a comfortable temperature by deflecting harsh rays. This film blocks up to 98% heat and 97% UV rays, protecting you and your family from damaging sunlight.

 Fade Resistance

Window films of high quality can last for a long time as they will not fade over time. Films of poor quality will fade under intense sunlight. Our films are fade-resistant and will resist sun glare.

Better Insulation

The main difference between cheap and good window film is its ability to reflect heat. Our High Solar Reflective Window Film uses an exclusive coating that reflects almost all heat (90%+), meaning it does not turn your rooms into giant radiators. This means cooler, fresher air and savings on your energy bills.

Good – Protection Layers

Window films with sufficient layers of protection are necessary if security is a priority. These layers will increase security. Adding our films to your windows makes them more resistant to break-ins and minimizes window shattering.

Fair pricing

 Our pricing is fair. We think of it as a value equation—you get more for your money with us than other suppliers. We’re confident that our price is low enough to make you a repeat customer. If not, let us know! We want to hear what you think!

Looking For Window Tinting For Commercial Buildings or Temperature and Heat Control Window Film Installer in Texas?

There are many applications for window film, from blocking the sun’s heat to adding privacy. The installation process is simple and cost-effective when completed by a professional.

Please contact Epic Solar Control today at 469-577-9933 or email sales@epicsolarcontrol.com to talk to a window film dealer & installer.

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Heat Blocking Window Film

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