Lake Promenade Etobicoke

Cottage backyard dream.

For many “the cottage” conjures up visions of long drives to lazy summer fun, where lasting memories are born on boats, water-skis, and in play with friends and family, but for this Toronto client their home on Lake Promenade is also as their family retreat.

After listening carefully to our clients needs, the Chatsworth team built them a gorgeous lakeside estate so they wouldn’t have to travel North.

One highlight of this home’s design is the incredible view of Lake Ontario from the oversized sliding doors that enclose the indoor pool.

Avoiding a 2-3 hour drive up north with a quick walk to the pool and lakeshore means this family can truly enjoy a cottage-type escape right in the heart of the city.

Keeping the family fully entertained, this Lake Promenade home includes a state-of-the-art movie theatre, gun range, wine-vault, rooftop patio, music room, car lifts, and more which are all controlled by an innovative, intelligent home system.

Cottage backyard dream.

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Our clients are thrilled that they can host family and friends any season of the year at their Cottage-in-the-City retreat!